Results of Challenge #29, Maggie's Mind Reading Machine

For continued fun with the mind reading machine, here is the URL for your enjoyment!

Over 500 responses were received to the mind reading game!!! Comments ranged from "Wow!," " How did you do that??," to "Dumb trick!,"    "Oh, I figured it out on the second try!," and all kinds of comments in between. Oh well, Zeno's Coffeehouse must have a little levity from time to time:)

Erik Williams, in the UK, summarized nicely what was going on....thanks to you all!!

"Very good! The second set of cards was totally different from the first set anyway, although it took me a few goes to realise this. I must be thick. I initially thought I was subconsciously clicking in the same position on the eyes (and very alluring they were too) that the card occupied in the set. So I had another couple of goes to test this.

What larks!