Ron Barnette's Zeno's Coffeehouse Challenge #42 Result


Dear Zeno's patrons: Here are the results....very creative suggestions...over 500!

First the challenge, as written:


The Coffeehouse owners, Charles and Maggie, have been quite impressed (and flattered) by the number of entries or 'hits' that result from a typical Google search for Zeno's Coffeehouse, since this search engine runs off of an artificial intelligence (AI) program and its 'smart' logic. Google is quite remarkable in this respect, and is universally recognized for its savvy searches. One night, Steve, a clever coffee drinking patron, posed the following question, however: "Could a Google search command be written that would yield ONLY ONE result that directly links Zeno's Coffeehouse?"

It turns out that Steve prizes simplicity, in the manner of Occam's Razor, which basically cautions us to not multiply entities (assumptions, claims, etc.) beyond necessity. Our latest challenge, then, is to take up Steve's question....can it be done? It's you and your search logic at work on this thought-provoking challenge. Go for it!

Here's a sample solution submiteed by Justen:

"John Samaras' and Lauri Kultti's"

Other winning entries include Michelle, Mike, Mathieu, Alex, Tony, Lisa, Vincent, Karen, Lauri and Rob.....congratulations!!!!!!