The Fifth Coffeehouse Challenge

Here's the original problem, followed by the results. Enjoy!


By popular demand, our fifth challenge involves a hypothetical decision-making problem, in repeat of the first, with no risk and only possible gain, if you choose correctly. The choice has you decide in favor of your reasoned self-interest, in light of what you think others will decide on theirs, and how they think others---including you---think they will decide, etc. Give this some thought, and then choose either Box A or Box B in your response. You may wish to review the results of the first Zeno's challenge in light of this new opportunity...it might make a difference, or it might not


1. If you choose Box A, you will receive $1000, as long as everyone else chooses Box A as well; otherwise, nobody who chooses Box A will receive anything.

2. If you choose Box B, you will receive $100, as long as at least one-fourth of others choose Box B as well; otherwise, nobody who chooses Box B will receive anything.

As you reflect on your perceived options and review the results of the first run at this decsion-scenario, make up your mind and send your choice, Box A or Box B, HERE. Look for Zeno's results in the near future...and have your friends join in!

Total number of entries received: 247
Number of Box A choices: 198
Number of Box B choices: 49
Hence, not unlike the original round, NOBODY WINS ANYTHING! Wow! Sure is hard to give away money (even if only hypothetical). I have the feeling that these results are telling us something---any suggestions?