Ron Barnette's Zeno's Coffeehouse Challenge #50 Result

Dear Zeno's patrons: Here are the results of our previous challenge. I have listed the original problem, with the winning results listed below. Thanks to all you Zeno's patrons who took up the challenge! Over 300 entries were received, with most claiming that the solution was not possible! But 13 winning solutions were received. Thanks for your critical thinking, and look to Zeno's next Challenge:)

Ron Barnette

A Patron's Crytography

Recently, Mike, a new Zeno's Coffeehouse patron, dropped by, wearing his kilt, accompanied by his son Josh, who played his marvelous bagpipes. What fun it was! After Mike introduced himself and his son, he spoke about a wonderful charitable group he initiated. Then he posed the following, rather cryptic message to the fellow patrons and to dear Charles, who was still applauding Josh's rendition of Scotland the Brave on the pipes.

C U I   X I B   B L P S K   O I S C Y   R Y   E X   R X C I P X E C R L X E S   L P D E X R G E C R L X   K I Q L C I K   C L   O I S I J P E C R X D   O I S C R O   O T S C T P I Y   E P L T X K   C U I   B L P S K ,   I Y A I O R E S S Z   R X   C U I   W L T P   X I B   B L P S K   O L T X C P R I Y :   T X R C I K   Y C E C I Y ,   O E X E K E ,   E T Y C P E S R E   E X K   X I B   G I E S E X K .

"What does this mean," Charles asked, somewhat intrigued. Mike, quick to the reply, smiled and gave these hints:

X=N; R=I; L=O; B=W

Charles scratched his head while Maggie began calculating....

Congratlations go to the following Zeno's Patrons: Jeff White, Troy Williamson, Melanie Cannon, Taylor Hamilton, Cheri Adams, Mark Young, Eric Palmer, Manuel Aleman, Jason Drury, James Dreier, Wade, Jeffrey Boone, and Eric Jung.

Cheri Adams (USA) was quick to submit a winning entry, as was Melanie Cannon (Canada)

Solution comments:

The New World Celts is an international organization devoted to celebrating celtic cultures around the world, especially the four new world countries : United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
This was great!

Mark Young's winning solution and comments were quite informative:

country: Canada

comments: X=N;
xib=new (it's not NOW, because O is already used)
cui xib blpsk =?= the new world?
rxcipxecrlxes = international
txrcik yceciy, oexeke, etycpesre exk xib giesexk = united states, canada, australia and new zealand
(...) = the new world celts is an international organization devoted to celebrating celtic cultures around the world, especially in the four new world countries: united states, canada, australia and new zealand.

..mark young, XIB YOLCSEXK


Thanks to all who support Zeno's Coffeehouse!!! Reflective enjoyment is always the service of the day!:)

Ron Barnette